What is an angioplasty?

An angio­plas­ty is a pro­ce­dure on a vein or an artery to improve blood flow. A deflat­ed bal­loon is insert­ed through the groin or arm via a catheter. Once the bal­loon is in place it is inflat­ed sev­er­al times for a few sec­onds to open up the ves­sel and improve the blood flow.

Why is an angioplasty performed?

An angio­plas­ty is per­formed to unblock a vein or an artery which has been blocked by plaque (fat­ty deposits on the wall of the vessel).

Having an angioplasty?

For more infor­ma­tion please read our patient infor­ma­tion brochure.

Angiogram & Angio­plas­ty Brochure