Payment Information

Payment Information

Dr Sieunarine bulk bills all patients for consultations and in-patient procedures. You will be bulk billed if you are a private, public or a veterans affairs patient.

Out-patient procedures such as varicose vein injection treatments and varicose vein laser treatments incur an out of pocket cost, some of this can be claimed back from Medicare. For details on costs please call the office on (08) 9386 9855.

Please make sure you have a valid referral from your GP or specialist otherwise you will be charged for the consultation. Medicare will not subsidise a consultation or procedure if you do not have a valid referral at the time of consult.

Received a bill?

If you have received a bill following an angiogram or surgery please read the letter that is attached. Dr Sieunarine cannot claim from Medicare on your behalf, the patient is required to claim directly from Medicare. If you feel you have been incorrectly charged please contact the practice manager on (08) 9386 9855.