Doppler and Blood Flow Test

What is a Doppler Test?

A doppler, or exercies test, is used to measure the strength of blood flow throughout the legs. For the test you may be required to have a Duplex Ultrasound at a Radiology practice as well as a vascular exercise test which can be performed at WestCoast Vascular.

Vascular testing at WestCoast Vascular is performed by a healthcare professional known as a vascular technician.

The test performed is safe and non-invasive. You may feel minimal discomfort during the vascular study, such as during inflation of the blood pressure cuffs or with the pressure of the ultrasound probe against the skin.

Please wear comfortable loose clothing. You will be asked to remove your shoes, socks and stockings.  A doppler test takes the following form:

  • Lie down on an examination couch
  • Measurements of the blood flow will be taken from the top of the leg, behind the knee, ankles and feet by a hand held ultrasound machine
  • A small amount of water based gel is applied to the skin before the probe is placed on the skin
  • Blood pressure cuffs will be placed around your arms and ankles so that resting pressures may be recorded
  • You will need to walk on a treadmill at your normal walking pace until you experience any claudication pain or for a maximum of 10 minutes
  • Post-exercise blood pressure is then recorded

The test normally takes around 30 minutes.

What to bring

All you will need to bring to a Doppler test is your Medicare card or DVA card.

Further Information

If you are concerned about your test please call the office on (08) 9386 9855 to discuss your concerns.

Please download our Doppler Test information pamphlet for furtehr details on a doppler test.

Doppler and Blood Flow Brochure